Social Media

Social Media

Jeremiah Program

For three years, I've generated content for the Jeremiah Program Facebook and Twitter pages, sharing content that relates to their mission to break the two-generational cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children. Due to the fact that the organization is based in Minneapolis, but has campuses nationally, my role is to find articles, videos, infographics and other material to post each week that would interest Jeremiah's wide audience of residents, staff and supporters. I also manage the Twitter account full-time, managing all tweets, follows, replies and analytic interpretation. 

I've increased the organization's Twitter followers by more than 66% and raised their social media engagement dramatically. I also live-Tweet many of their events, including graduations, benefits, community conversations and an appearance on a national talk show.


University of Minnesota Medical School Office of Undergraduate Medical Education

The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education wanted their Twitter page to stand out as a source for students to access news, announcements, schedules and interesting links. With the intention to hire a full-time staff person to manage the Twitter, I created a system that was easy to hand over. 

I started by individually contacting med school staff, listening to their needs and collecting the content they wanted to share with their students via Twitter. Using the academic calendar as a guide, I wrote a surplus of 50 content tweets, containing links about topics pertaining to medical school life, managing exam stress and new breakthroughs in the field. I also incorporated reminders about course dates, exams and events into the posting calendar. Lastly, I created a custom Twitter guide for the school, including well-established hashtags and inter-med school hashtags to boost visibility across the social network but also make content easier for students to find. All material was easily indexed and color-coded, to ensure the staff could seamlessly carry on their own content management after the 2016 academic year.

I assist with social media at every stage.

Whether you're looking to build social media pages and strategy from the ground up, improve upon an existing system or full-time social media management, I am able to work directly with you to find the best fit for your needs.