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watercolor illustration of an open book
Claire is seated at her couch, with her laptop to the left of her, hands on her thighs and smiling at the camera.

I write stories about Big Feelings.

Whether it’s friendship, romance, family relationships, or what it means to grow up and be a person in this world, those are my favorite feelings to spend time with as a writer and a reader. It’s probably because I often don’t know how I truly felt about something—or how to truly let go of something—until I’ve written about it.

watercolor illustration of a sharpened pencil
watercolor illustration of a Pilot V5 pen
watercolor illustration of a house plant in a deep purple-blue planter
Claire, at a young age, sitting a desk, smiling toward the camera, midtype.

That’s why I’ve written my whole life. I started captioning my drawings as a child and began writing stories as a pre-teen.

Growing up, I rarely saw disability portrayed in the pages of the books I devoured in a way that made me feel happy, proud, or accurately represented. As a result, both my fiction writing and freelance often focus on the disabled experience.


I prefer identify-first language (disabled person/woman vs. person/woman with a disability) because I believe that the inaccessibility of the physical world and attitudinal barriers of society disable me just as much as my physical impairments.

I swam competitively for 12 years and swimming is still my favorite activity besides writing and reading. The water makes me feel strong and safe. Swimming is a popular theme of my freelance writing, and I want to write stories about it one day.

watercolor illustration of a swim cap

Some days, I think that I like dogs more than I like people. I shamelessly ask people if I can pet their dog.

watercolor illustration of a red phone booth, as might be found in London.

I am an Aquarius, an Enneagram 2, and an INFJ, and while my belief in any of those things varies by the hour, I think it’s fun to study.


I save every handwritten letter I’ve ever gotten. I also write myself a letter every New Year’s Eve reflecting on the year that’s past.


I love to travel. Some of my favorite cities I’ve been to are London, Paris, Barcelona, and San Francisco (minus the hills…#WheelchairProblems). 


Other fun facts about me: My first job ever was working at the American Girl Store, I once got a private tour of the House of Lords in London (they have personalized chocolate boxes!), and I’ve completed two 10,000 yard swims (never again!)


I love all forms of storytelling. Whether it’s a book, an essay, a podcast, a theater performance, your favorite movie you’ve seen a thousand times, a song lyric that stops you in your tracks, or an hour-long phone call with a friend, I believe it all matters, and it’s a part of who we are.

Photo of Claire, in London, just outside the Big Ben. The clock reads near 4:30 pm.

Looking for Claire's press kit?

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