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Watercolor Wash Transparent

If Effie’s being honest with herself, she knows just what she wants.

She wants to enjoy all the firsts and lasts of senior year with her two best friends. 


She wants to go to college in NYC and major in mass media so she can make sure more disabled people like her get to see themselves in the media. She’s never been to New York, but she can picture the person she’ll be there, far from the Minneapolis neighborhood where she’s lived her entire life.


And she wants the specific kind of happiness that would come with dancing with her long-time crush, Wilder, at homecoming. With being more than just in-school friends. 


When she finds out that Wilder is applying to her dream school too, it seems like a sign that it’s the right place for her. But when her high school fails to make the accommodations Effie needs as a wheelchair-user, and she can’t get the situation fixed on her own, she can’t help wondering: Is New York too big, too far, too much? And if she can’t bring herself to tell Wilder how she feels, how could they ever have a future together?


As Effie learns to speak up and fight for her dreams, she’ll also have to decide which dreams are truly worth fighting for. What—and who—will bring her the happiness she deserves?


Audiobook, narrated by Tony winner Ali Stroker featuring an exclusive bonus conversation with Ali and Claire:

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Watercolor Wash Transparent

"Affirming, uplifting, and thoughtful."

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"An absolutely necessary and affirming addition to YA shelves."

Buzzfeed Books

Funny, true, and tender, this is a beautiful and resonant debut.

Nina LaCour, Printz Award-winning author of We Are Okay

Forrest’s triumphant, warm-hearted, and romantic debut takes ableism to task while celebrating both learning and fighting for what you deserve. I cheered, I cried, I fist-pumped.

Dahlia Adler, author of Cool for the Summer

Equal parts hilarious and heartfelt, Where You See Yourself is a book I needed as a disabled high school senior. What a gift Forrest has given readers.

Lillie Lainoff, author of One for All

A beautiful portrayal of disability and going after your dreams. Where You See Yourself is equal parts relatable, romantic, and necessary.

Melissa See, author of You, Me, and Our Heartstrings

"Pitch-perfect rom-com moments bursting with dry humor balance mature reflections on relationships, personal agency, and disability advocacy."

Publishers Weekly, starred review

Big hearted and beautiful. I’d follow Effie anywhere.

Elana K. Arnold, National Book Award finalist, author of What Girls are Made Of

A sweet coming-of-age romance that perfectly captures the impatient nostalgia of senior year and the love story between a girl and her future, Where You See Yourself will have your heart bang-snapping, melting, and dropping into your butt.

Anna Meriano, author of This Is How
We Fly
and It Sounds Like This

Heartfelt, wry, and unputdownable, Where You See Yourself is a must-read.

Nicole Kronzer, author of Unscripted

Where You See Yourself is a sweet, moving, and triumphant story about finding your voice and the power of taking up space in a world that doesn’t always see you. Claire Forrest is a much-needed voice in young adult literature.

Brandy Colbert, award-winning author of The Voting Booth

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